Rafeal Newport
I am a hippie, science loving, book loving birth nerd from San Jose, CA. I was raised by my mother who was born and raised in the middle of Alabama. My holistic, evidence based and spiritual approach has allowed me to learn from excellent teachers and learn the art of spirituality and healing practices. I trained and apprenticed for 3 years with a Doula who had been practicing for over 25 years and local midwives. I took classes, read books, attended births, volunteered for various birth related organizations and finally I became a certified Birth and Postpartum Doula along with a certification in Childbirth Education. ​In my over 10 years of experience I have worked in hospitals, homebirths, and birth centers. My focus is in centering marginalized families( People of color, LGBTQ+, gender non conforming, single parents, disabled,...) while also supporting all families in their creation and/or expansion.​ Prior to my training in birth work I have been and am currently a certified sex educator, peer counselor, family planning counselor and facilitator. I spent over 10 years in various LGBTQIQA+ youth non-profits beginning when I was 15 years old.
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