Dr. Juan Michelle Martin

Dr. Juan Michelle Martin, PT, DPT is a licensed physical therapist, birth doula and women’s wellness coach. She is the owner of JMM Health Solutions, a concierge pelvic health practice in the Atlanta Metro area where she brings over 13 years of clinical experience as a physical therapist. A former international volleyball player, her career in healthcare began as an athletic trainer guiding athletes in their recovery from injury and transition back to playing at New York Institute of Technology where she also graduated with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

Dr. Martin has worked with thousands of patients in her career with a focus on providing holistic and comprehensive pelvic health care. She blends her experience as a birth doula and wellness coach in her practice to ensure that women experience better birth outcomes and she continues to work with several non profits whose mission is to decrease maternal mortality rates in marginalized communities.

She has shared her expertise in many domains, including industry events, university guest lectures, national and international talks, workshops and webinars. Dr. Martin has also been featured in publications including Atlanta Magazine and Healthline as well as Health and Fitness podcasts including BirthFit, Practice Brave, The Women’s Health podcast, Evidence Based Birth and more.

Apart from clinical practice, Dr. Martin is a mentor to other healthcare professionals both clinically and in business and is the curator of the Zero to Telehealth coaching program where she has helped hundreds of professionals implement telehealth in their practice as well as a co-creator of The Black Female Foundations’s Business Incubator, working to increase the presence of minority women in business.

Dr. Martin resides in Atlanta with her husband, their 2 kids and Miko, her 10 yo shiba inu affectionately known as “kid 1”. She also continues to enjoy coaching elite level youth volleyball players.

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