Birth Doula Training Program

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Birth symbolizes a new beginning. A fresh start. Unlearning what we’ve been taught throughout history and what society told us we are. In the NBDA Birth Doula Training program, we bring back what was lost or stolen from us as women, while we incorporate an improved model of Doula business. The mission of the NBDA Birth Doula Training program is to embody the ancient healing ways of our ancestors, to empower all women as they reclaim the right to their bodies and their experiences, from Birth & Beyond.

Training Fee: $750

Processing Fee: $75

Total: $825

Payment plan options are available.

*Please note that if you are registering LESS than 3 months out, your payment options lessen.

**Please Note: There are NO REFUNDS issued for trainings. When you complete the Enrollment Form, you are agreeing to this. If you are unable to attend a training, you have the option to reschedule for a later date within 1 year with the same instructor. You MUST contact that instructor directly for the reschedule. Please look on your enrollment receipt for your instructor’s information.

Course Outline


8:30am – 5pm daily

*Please note, daily schedule may vary per instructor.

Day 1

What is a Doula?

Reclaiming What’s Lost Granny Midwives

Development of Western Medicine & Birth – The Birth of Obstetrics

Her’Story of the Ancient Healer

Ancestral Techniques

Healing from the Earth

Development of Intuition

Doula Approach, Philosophy & Style

Day 2

Understanding the Stages of Labor

Various Labor Onsets

Birth Terminology & Medical Procedures

Comfort Measures

Station & Stages of Delivery

Pushing & Pushing Techniques

Surgical Birth

Delivery of Placenta

Birth Terminology

Medications & Narcotics


Prenatal Nutrition

The Doula & The Birth Partner

Understanding Birth Physiology

Real Labor Complications & Labor Aversions

Immediate PP Complications

The Golden Hour

Day 3

Covid-19 & Birth

The Business of Birth

A full day dedicated to Birth Business Development &


NBDA Certification Requirements

Continuing Education Components

Mentorship, Growth & Development